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    Livermore Learns is a parent education program designed to educate, inform and engage parents and guardians as they support their children throughout their education. Livermore Learns provides workshops, presentations, trainings, book clubs and webinars to help provide this education and support.

    Livermore Learns is modeled after LVJUSD's Framework for Success - a comprehensive framework that aligns academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning - to meet the needs of all students in our district. Just as our students are provided support and education in those three major areas, our parents will have opportunities to build their knowledge and skills around those areas as well. 

    Livermore Learns opportunities will be offered seasonally. We will have a comprehensive calendar of events for the fall, winter and spring. Registration is not required for parents to participate in events they would like to attend, and feedback is always appreciated.

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    Academic Support and Readiness                                                                                                                                                      

    • Strategies for Academic Success in Students with ADHD -          (March 2024)
    • TK/Kindergarten Readiness -        (March 2023)                       
    • Supporting Your Elementary Child's Foundational Reading Skills -   (November 2022)
    • Supporting Your Elementary Student's Math Skills -      (November 2022)
    • The Importance of Early Literacy  -      (October 2021)

    Mental Health Challenges and Strategies

    • Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth -         (February 2024)
    • Promoting Mental Health: Local Mental Health Resources and Support -        (October 2023)
    • Anxiety in Youth: Signs, Interventions & Resources -        (February 2023)
    • Caring for Your Mental Health Over the Holidays -        (December 2022)
    • Internet Addiction & Mental Health Outcomes for Children and Youth -        (October 2022)
    • Supporting Students' Mental Health Over the Summer -        (May 2022)
    • Children and Trauma -        (March 2022)
    • Managing Stress & the Importance of Self-Care -        (February 2022)
    • Anxiety and Depression - (January 2022)     (February 2022)
    • Work-Life Balance -       (November 2021)
    • Coping with Grief and Loss -     (January 2021)

    Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    • PBIS at Home         (February 2023)  

    Social-Emotional Learning

    • Developing a Growth Mindset -        (March 2022)
    • Social Emotional Learning -      (September 2021)

    Substance Use

    • Vaping and Substance Use -         (January 2024)
    • The Fentanyl Crisis -         (January 2023)

    Other Topics

    • Measuring Success: Understanding Our District Scoreboard & State Dashboard -        (January 2024)
    • Cell Phone Safety -         (November 2023)
    • Setting Boundaries With Your Child -        (May 2023)
    • Community Safety for Children With Autism -        (April 2023)